The Economy and Environment Group in the Philippines (EEG-Philippines) is a partner-member of the Economy and Environment Partnership for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA Partnership). It was established in 2015 as part of the Resources and Environmental Economics Foundation of the Philippines (REAP). EEG-Philippines focuses on building capacity for transdisciplinary research and promoting regional collaboration in addressing global and local economic and environmental challenges.
VISIONLeader in capacity building and transdisciplinary research addressing global and local environmental challenges.
MISSIONTo promote partnerships in capacity building and transdiciplinary research towards conservation and protection of ecosystems through improved governance and management for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • Capacity Building: To enhance the capacity of Philippine researchers, educators, decision makers and managers to become effective partners towards sustainable development.
  • Research: To conduct transdisciplinary research that address economy and environment challenges in the Philippines.
  • Partnership: To engage researchers, educators, decision makers, managers and communities to generate concrete actions to help address poverty and environmental issues.