The EEG-Philippines has a core group of experts of different disciplines including environmental economics, sociology, environmental science, and physical sciences.
Name Field Core Competencies
1. Asa Jose U. Sajise, PhD. Environmental Economics Valuation, Applied Econometrics, BCA
2. Canesio D. Predo, PhD. Resource Economics Valuation, BCA, Modelling and Simulation
3. Gem B. Castillo, PhD. Resource Economics Forest economics, environment and natural resource accounting, BCA
4. Kim Bayani Arias, PhD. Environmental Economics Valuation, BCA
5. Dieldre Harder M.S. Environmental Economics Valuation, Water and Sanitation
6. Emelinda T. Mendoza, PhD. Sociology Participatory methods
7. Alice Joan G. Ferrer, PhD. Fishery Economics Gender and Policy Analysis
8. Asuncion B. de Guzman, PhD. Environmental Science Marine protected areas and policy
9. Arvin B. Vista. M.S. Resource Economics Valuation, BCA, CGE
10. Carl Ureta M.S. Environmental Science Valuation, GIS
11. Margaret Calderon, PhD. Forest Economics Valuation, Forest Finance
12. Maria Angeles O. Catelo, PhD. Environmental Economics Pollution economics, valuation
13. Vicente G. Ballaran Agricultural Engineering Hydrology, GIS
14. Neil Moises Serino, PhD. Development Economics Climate Change Mitigation, Poverty
15. Kahlou Francisco Marine Science Proposal Development
16. Charmaine Development Economics Spatial economics
17. Dulce D. Elazegui M.S. Community Development Participatory Methods, Gender