Institutional Development Consultant (Organizational Management)

Position title: Institutional Development Consultant (Organizational Management)
Type of contract: Individual consultant contract
Duration of Contract: 4 months, starting as soon as possible
Salary: Competitive based on individual basis
Expected working hours: 14 hours/ week, flexible


The Economy and Environment Partnership for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) developed from the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia. EEPSEA is based at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH). EEPSEA supports the training and research in environmental and resource economics with the goal of strengthening local capacity in the economic analysis of environmental issues so that researchers can provide sound advice to policymakers.  The goals of EEPSEA are (1) to conduct environmental economics and transdisciplinary research that address human-environment interface challenges in Southeast Asia, (2) to engage researchers from different disciplines, decision makers and communities towards sustainable development in Southeast Asia and (3) to enhance the capacity of Southeast Asian researchers and decision makers to be effective partners in a transformation process.

Under the agreement with Swedish Embassy in Bangkok to enhance the capacity of the institution, EEPSEA will develop a comprehensive management policies and procedures manual. The Embassy will call off its auditor Moore Stephens and gender support function WOCAN to give support to the EEPSEA to deliver the routines and procedures. With this context, EEPSEA is seeking for a consultant who can assist EEPSEA in developing and/or revising the manuals for the EEPSEA Partnership organizational and managerial system.


The consultant will work with close coordination from the research coordinator, administration officer and international consultant from Moore Stephens and WOCAN. The final deliverable is a set of comprehensive management procedures and practices in English, which must contain the following terms:

  1. The procedure of research/program management
  2. The anti-corruption, anti-fraud policy
  3. The code of ethnics
  4. Procedure of monitoring and evaluation activities within EEPSEA Partnership
  5. Risk registration, management and mitigation guideline
  6. EEPSEA Partnership administrative documents revisions
  7. Documents for Organizational structure and Governance bodies


  • Expert in administration, policy, quality assurance, or controlling.
  • Working experience with INGO, NPO, research institutions/organizations
  • Good command of written English


The EEPSEA Partnership promotes equal opportunities, equality and diversity. Salary is determined on an individual basis.

Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.


The application must contain:

  • Résumé/CV and personal details.
  • Educational certificates, diplomas e.g. should be attached.
  • A cover letter (a maximum of two pages) in which the applicant explains how he/she intends to work if he/she is offered the position.
  • All attachments must be named with reference number <2018-EEP-03>.

Additional material might be requested.

The application should be sent to:

Dealine: 15/04/2018

For further information please contact:

Tran Khanh Hoa (Ms.), Administrator

Tel: +84 28 3844 8249


Institutional Development Consultant (Organizational Management)